Growth accelerator for startups & scaleups

Red Harbour aims for longduring relationships based on trust and expertise.


Red Harbour has chosen the metaphore of the safe haven as starting point and place for shelter for the journey of the entrepreneur. Red Harbour supports the journey of the entrepreneur. Sometimes intensively and sometime more remote. On strategic level, but also on an operational level with practical solutions. Growth of the company and the entrepreneur are always at the center.


The first meeting is always a one-hour meeting in which we get acquainted and discuss the question / objective. 


It's important to know approach and costs in advance. In this way know what to expect before the work starts.


As much as possible Red Harbour uses proven approaches like LEAN Startup, Scrrum or LEAN.  Also the owner make use of his longduring experience of coaching transition managers.


Naturally, conversations and information exchange are completely confidential. If something is not clear, feel free to ask a question.


Here you will find the contact information, terms and conditions and privacy statement.


Way of Working

Red Harbour way of working Hans Rood