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Growing is like making a journey

The name Red Harbour refers to discovery journeys that took place in the past to discover new parts of the world. A discovery journey was always a risky undertaking. The destiny was unknown, the seas might be rough and pirates might attack. A safe haven and good preparation were necessary to be able to react to changing circumstances and sometimes danger. The harbour is the safe place for shelter and preparation. Also the harbour is the place where the journey starts. 'Red' refers to my Dutch surname 'Rood' which means 'Red'.


The harbour is a safe place for support, shelter and preparation

Starting a company or growing a company also leads to unknown territories. It's therefore important to have a place for shelter and preparation. Only in this way a company can growth. In analogy with the great discoveries you may have to change direction several times. If you are aware and prepared you are likely to be successful.


The sea is rough but the boat stays on track

Although the sea often looks friendly, it may suddenly change into a rough place where steering and knowing what to may become difficult. If your a skilled captain the waves may seem not that high anymoreore and the current not so strong. Despite the though weather a skilled captain stays in control. If you want to reach your destination you must leave the harbour and you'd be better be prepared for it.

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