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Startups are a strong driver for innovation and economic growth. Everybody knows examples of successful companies that started as small business in a garage and are now worth billions of dollars. What we hear far less are all the initiatives that failed, sometimes because of ideas that weren't that good after all, insufficient entrepeneurship and very often because competention simply performed better and faster.


Let's start with the easy one: if your idea isn't that good after all you'd better stop quickly so you don't waste time, energy and money. Find another idea!


In all other cases it's important to be better and faster than your competitors. Sounds easy, isn't it? However creating a company from an innovative idea is a skillful process you can learn. And it helps ofcourse if your are blessed with talent. The better you are the higher your changes for success!


Eric Ries defined the LEAN Startup Method that describes how to create a startup company. This method is the most accepted and applied method for creating a Startup. Here you can find more about LEAN Startup.


LEAN Startup focusses on creating a validated product that customers pay for. This is the core business for startups. If the startup is successful it grows from startup, via scale up to a large company. This can only be achieved if the focus changes from creating an innovative product and customer base to running a full blown company with a muture IT infrastructure, talent management to attract and retain talent, marketing and sales, finance and so on.


Red Harbour uses LEAN Startup as its core method and uses an additional of expertise in other areas to keep the company growing rapidly on all aspects.

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