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Risky Assumptions

Risky Assumptions are assumptions that you make about the usage of the product that may not be true after all. It is important to validate these assumptions for correctness. The sooner the better. Stating the risky assumptions explicitly makes you more aware of the assumptions made and encourages you to confirm or falsify them as early as possible. This prevents unnecessary investment of time, money and energy.

Identification of Risky Assumptions

Organize an interactive session with the leadership team in which you determine the risky assumptions:


Step 1: Everyone writes down the risky assumptions (max 10) that he sees on post-its. One risky assumption per post-it.


Step 2: Everyone positions the risky assumptions with a brief explanation in the quadrants below. Discuss the risky assumption and the position within the quadrants with each other.

Step 3: Determine the most important risky assumptions. As a rule, assumptions about whether it should be built are more important than whether it can be built.


Step 4: Determine how to confirm or falsify the risky assumptions.

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