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What is a Persona?

A persona describes a typical user of your product or service (value proposition). A persona gives you insight into your target groups together with a description of there behavior and preferences. For each typical user group you create a persona. At the bottom of the page you will find the PowerPoint templates.


A persona helps you with:

1. development: personas help you to develop your value proposition. The better you understand your customers the better you understand their needs. This helps you to develop a value proposition that suits the customers needs best.

2. marketing: by knowing your target groups well, you can target your marketing towards these groups. This is more effective and saves costs.


Personas have been developed to get insight in the type of customers you (may) serve.

- Who are your buyers

- What do they want to achieve

- What drives their behavior?

- How do they think?

- How do they buy items?

- Why do they make certain decisions?


The personas contain the following components: demographics, personality, motivations, preferred channel, interest, goals, pains, quote, key reasons to buy, deal maker and deal breaker.

NL  -  UK


Age category, male/female, way of living, habitat, social and economic status, religion, political preference, sexual preference


Character, beliefs, intravert/extravert, social relationships, leader/follower, impuls buyer (yes/no)


Personal drives, motivation to buy the product.

Preferred Channel

What's the preferred channel to buy the product? via retail shop, by phone or internet (your online shop, amazon or other?)


Personal interests and activities.


Personal goals in live. What does the person want to achieve in live?


What problems or frustrations does the person have?


A typical quote of the person.

Key Reason to Buy

What problem does the person solve by buying your product or service?


If you can't give an answer to this question then this persona won't buy your product. Focus on other personas.

Deal Maker

What makes the person to make the sales deal?

Deal Breaker

What makes that the person will nog buy your product?