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The people are the most important asset of the startup. After all, their talents are decisive for the success of the startup. The development of entrepreneurship, leadership, corporate culture, team building and above all professionalism is crucial to be able to compete and retain employees. In order to attract the right people, it is important that you are an attractive party for people in both the leadership team and the executive teams.


Leadership can only exist if you know yourself well. What are your values? What beliefs do you have? How do you connect to others? How do you inspire people to follow you? What are your character traits? Which ones help you and which ones get in the way? How do you determine your direction and take people with you? How do you motivate others? How do you communicate? How do you get across? Do you inspire others ? People look to you to grow the startup! More...


What makes a group of people a team? How will they work together and reinforce each other? How do you create a team that delivers outstanding performance? When is there a High Performance Team? How do you give space to the team for optimal performance? How do you create safety in the team? How do you discuss things? How do you create a culture of continuous learning and improvement? And what type of team suits a startup best? More ...


Startups have a culture that is highly innovative and competitive. There is a strong drive to push boundaries and to want to conquer the world. There is no lack of ambition. Employees have a lot of resilience to overcome setbacks. The culture is open and employees have a strong personal bond, which also has a business side at the same time. This startup culture leads to great achievements, but one day the question arises whether you can maintain this if you continue to scale up. More ...


By definition, with a startup you work groundbreaking. You can only do this if you constantly pay attention to the development of employees, both personally and professionally. In a startup, development (or learning) is fully integrated with the work and is part of the daily routines. In a startup there is a culture where you are allowed to make mistakes. Mistakes are learning moments and lead to improvement. More ...

Human Resources (HR)

Due to the startup's strong ambitions, you run the risk of arranging a number of personnel matters less well. These are of course extremely important for the employees. Is there an employment contract? Is it clear what an employee is entitled to? Have you taken out a pension scheme and employee insurance? Do you have an employee administration? What do you do in case of a long illness? Etc. More ...

NL  -  UK