Growth accelerator for startups & scaleups

The basic principles of LEAN Startup are:

1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere

2. Entrepreneurship is Management

3. Validated Learning

4. Innovation Accounting

5. Build -> Measure -> Learn


- A startup requires a 'true north': the vision. Read more...

- Startups have an engine of growth. Read more... 

- Pivot or Persevere.

- Every setback is a learning moment

- Balance appropriately the parallel activities, like product development, marketing, sales, quality improvement, ...

LEAN Startup Feedback Cycle

The growth of a startup follows 3 phases:

1. problem fit

2. solution fit

3. market fit

LEAN Startup is a method for creating a Startup company.

What is a Startup?

 A startup is a company with an innovative idea. The product that results from this idea is both scalable and repeatable and has been made possible by the latest technology. The future of a startup is uncertain, because at the start it is unknown what customers think about the product. Often a startup doesn’t know its customers, let alone it knows if it approaches the right customers.


Advantages of LEAN Startup:

1. Fast learning about what does or does not work

2. Experimenting on a small scale

3. Lower loss of time and costs

Keep the iterations as short as possible

1.Problem fit:

validate the problem is a problem worth solving

2.Solution fit: validate the solution solves the problem

3.Market fit: validate a profitable company can be developed

LEAN Startup