Growth accelerator for startups & scaleups

Do you have an idea?

Great that you have an idea! And if not, it may still come. Maybe you are still in a creative process to come up with an idea. The idea is the starting point for the company.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you have the qualities to go from idea to a successful company? You probably know this for yourself. You yourself are the most determining factor for the success of your company. You can develop yourself further in all aspects of entrepreneurship or look for a business partner who is good at the aspects that you are less good at. More...

Use a Growth Accelerator

You have to focus on a lot of things when starting a business. However it is important to speed up so you don’t miss the available opportunities in the market and stay ahead of your competitors. Red Harbour has a growth accelerator that helps you speeding up. The growth accelerator of Red Harbour is based on LEAN Startup supplemented with various aspects for running your business. More...