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Finance for Startups


You cannot let a startup grow without proper financial management. The primary focus of the startup entrepreneur is often not with finances, but luckily you can outsource the execution to a professional. In addition, the tooling for managing finances has been greatly improved in recent years, making it easier to perform financial management properly. As an entrepreneur, you remain responsible for financial management and financial results. These are to a large extent decisive for the success of the startup


Do you need additional money to grow? You can go to the bank, start a crowdfunding campaign or find an investor. Of course you don't get money just like that, you need a well founded good business plan in.

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Paying taxes is for everyone. Also for the entrepreneur of the startup. Here you will find information about what to keep in mind. More ...


The settlement of VAT, or Value Added Tax, applies to (almost) every company. Here you will find information about what you should take into account and how you can set up the administration. More ...

Financial Control

The practical organization of the finances, accounting, creditors and debtors administration. Managing the bank account and making payments. And of course the financial reporting. How do you do that in a practical and efficient way and take substantial growth into account at the same time? More ...


You insure against risks that you do not want or cannot take. Insurance is also expensive. Therefore make a good assessment of the risks that you want/can take and determine which insurance makes sense. Get good advice from an independent insurance advisor. More ...

NL  -  UK