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The customer plays a central role in business operations. After all, your product solves a problem for the customer. Moreover, your customer pays for this and your company is completely dependent on your customers for its income. That is why it is crucial that you come into contact with new potential customers, that you build a relationship, sell your product and maintain the relationship. The 'Customer' section describes how you can do this for your customers.

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The website is the business card of the company. For startups, the website is generally also the most important sales channel and means of acquiring customers. That is why it is important that (potential) customers find your website and find it attractive and easy to use. Don't underestimate how many people click away from a site within 5 seconds. The first impression is crucial. Often the website is also (part of) the MVP. More ...

Customer Relations

In a startup, maintaining good relationships with customers is crucial. Even more so than with regular organizations. As a startup, you are still busy developing your product and you want to validate whether your product solves the customer's problem and you can develop a good business model. In order to do that well, you have to completely put yourself in the customer's shoes and keep in constant conversation with the customer. But even after that it is important to keep in touch. More ...

Customer Support

Customer Support is usually the most powerful sales channel. If customers notice that you may solving problems with your product quickly and adequately creates a lot of trust, and customers keep coming back. in other words shows that you take your customer seriously. With good customer support you can distinguish yourself from the competition. Therefore, think about the design and scalability of customer support at an early stage for your startup. You will find that this is an important success factor. More ...


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Prevention is better than cure. You won't be the first to go bankrupt as a result of a bad contract. Carefully consider in advance what services you offer and under what price and conditions you agree on them. Many companies have specialized purchasing and legal departments and without involving these parties it is not possible to conclude a contract. in other words make sure you have legal affairs in order. More ...


How do you reach new customers? For a startup, it makes a difference which phase you are in. During the problem fit phase, the approach is completely different than during the scaleup phase. Most startups don't have the financial resources to run large marketing campaigns. Then it is especially important to carry out 'smart marketing', ie to achieve maximum effect with minimal resources. The key to this almost always lies with creativity. More ...