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What's the Customer Journey?

The customer journey describes how the (potential) customer interacts with the company. The customer journey makes items for improvement visible. Especially if the 'Moments of Truth' are included.


The customer journey may differ from persona to persona, so describe a customer journey for every persona.

Customer Journey

Way of Working

1. Group the customer interactions logically into stages, like orientation, sales, usage and exit.

2. Define an activity for each customer interaction.

3. Describe the feeling/emotion the (potential customer) has with each interaction in feeling.

4. Position the dots on the positive/negative scale to reflect the emotion of the customer. Use open dots for interactions that are crucial in the customer journey. These are the Moments of Truth. Use closed dots for other interactions.

5. Analyze the stages, activities and feelings and define Opportunities for Improvement.

Create the customer journey with persons with different roles, like sales, customer support, finance, legal, product management. Each role will add its own perspective. This will lead to an integrated perspective and will improve the quality of the customer journey.

Follow on Activities

Determine what opportunies for improvement to implement.

Plan the next update of the Customer Journey, but do not wait longer then 3 months. It you focus on improving your Growth Engine update the Customer Journey every cycle.

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