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Business Model Canvas Form Red Harbour

Customer Segments

What type of customers buy your Value proposition? Use Personas to work them out in more detail.

Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Cost Structure

What costs are fixed and whats are flexible. What cost elements are expensive. Can you reduce costs by scaling up?

Key Resources

What are the most important personel and equipment you require to create your Value Proposition?

Customer Relationships

How do you communicate with your customers. Do you meet with them in person or do you only communicate through your website or mail. Do some customer groups get more or less attention?


The channels of marketing and sales.

Revenue Streams

What are the financial revenues? Any non-fiancial revenues?

Key Partners

Who are the most important partner who contribute to the value proposition?

Key Activities

What are the most important activities to make the value proposition?

What's the Business Model Canvas (BMC)?

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) provides a concise overview of the business model of your startup. It is part of the LEAN Startup methodology and determines the strategy for your company. Use the BMC inc combination with LEAN Startup. A BMC PowerPoint template can be found at the bottom of the page.

Value Proposition

What value do you deliver to your customers? Why are they willing to pay for your proposition? What problem does your proposition solve?


What's the structure of the BMC?

Central to the BMC is the Value Proposition.

On the left you will find the internal organization with Key Partners, Key Activities and Key Resources.

On the right side you will find the customer side with Customer Relationships, Channels and Customer Segments.

At the bottom you will find the cost side with Cost Structure and Revenue Streams.


It is important to harmonize the various parts. It is common that you sometimes search for improvements to harmonize your BMC. It indicates that there are opportunities for improvement that you’d better embrace.

Practical tips

Print the BMC large and display it on a central and visible place, so that the business strategy is known to everyone. Validate regularly whether the BMC is still correct. If you're in the problem fit phase of LEAN Startup e.g. every two weeks and if you scale up e.g. every quarter.

Maximize the impact

If you want to get the most out of the BMC and develop an optimal strategy, it makes sense to be supported by a coach. After all, the templates are not just input sheets, but instruments that you use to determine your strategy. It goes without saying that the strategy of the company is crucial to the success of the company. Contact Red Harbor for support.